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Young Carers


As a young carer we recognise the contribution you make to the community and in particular to the lives of those you care for.  Being young doesn’t mean you’re unable to access supports; in fact, it may highlight a need for even more support than those required by some older carers.  With the pressures of study, perhaps you are still caring for your own young family or trying to juggle work, a home life and caring for a loved one, this can be a trying time and we are here to help.   

All carers need to take a break from time to time, a chance to mix with your friends and family, to pursue your own interests and hobbies and to re-energise. You are not alone! 39Plus understands the importance of caring for a loved in in familiar surroundings and can offer a range of respite options to help you achieve your goals both personally and as a carer. 

Our staff understand that as a younger carer your needs will be different. Let’s talk about your life, your carer situation and how you can achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.  We will work with you to implement a flexible  support plan, one designed to suit you and your unique situation,  allowing you to continue to create a life that has meaning to you.


So why not get together with other people of a similar age and situation, share strategies and ideas and create a support network who you can call upon for a little advice when needed.  We offer a range of programs and services to help facilitate this which include group based activities, one to one counselling and support, camps and short holidays and of course our quality suite of respite services.  Activities are age appropriate so whether you are a young person in your teens or someone in your 40’s or 50’s we have something to offer you.


Take that step and call us today to get the support you need. Phone 1300 397 587 or make an online enquire by clicking this link.

Help for young people

Having a disability can mean many things, such as loss of physical or mental functions, having an infectious disease or illness, a condition which means a person learns differently from other people and any other condition which may affect a person's thoughts and processes.

Since 1982, 39plus has been helping younger people in the community who  have a disability or maybe suffering the effects of a chronic illness to get the help they need through the provision of targeted programs and services

We offer a range of activities, events and supports  that provide you with an opportunity to mix with people of  a similar age and are designed to cater to a broad range of abilities and interests.  Supporting you to maintain your independence is as important to us as it is you


Why not contact us and see how we can be there for you  1300 397 587

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Are you interested in becoming a youth volunteer?


Whatever you do, you will be helping us make a difference to someone’s life. It will also make a difference to yours. Just some of the benefits of volunteering for 39+ include:

  • Building new skills

  • Meeting new people and making new friends

  • Adding variety to your work experience

  • Exploring career and personal interests

  • Developing marketable job skills

  • Uncovering hidden skills and talents

  • Increasing your self-confidence

Most of all you will have fun and you will get a free T-Shirt!